The Cricket and Doctor Who Podcast


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We reckon we’re the first EVER podcast to cover the two most eccentric of English pastimes: watching frequently behatted men wander around a field for five days, and watching a frequently behatted man wander around a quarry for (what feels like) five days. We reckon the intersection zone of the Cricket / Doctor Who appreciation Venn Diagram is VAST, hence the podcast. Others are less so sure. “That sounds like the world’s most niche podcast,” has been one early reaction. But that’s not what we’re aiming for. We want to be the world’s most niche podcast in the UNIVERSE.

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Q: Is the podcast about instances of cricket in doctor who, and / or instances of doctor who in cricket?
A: No. That would be silly. The podcast covers cricket and doctor who. Sometimes it may be more cricket heavy (such as during, say, an Ashes series); sometimes, it may be more Doctor Who heavy (such as, say, after the doctor who 50th anniversary show this autumn). It will always cover both.

Q: I love cricket / Doctor Who but I really can’t stand cricket / Doctor Who. Should I listen anyway?
A: OF COURSE YOU SHOULD! You will develop an appreciation for cricket / doctor who through a process of osmosis – and you will be eminently thankful for the new worlds we have introduced to you, and you will send us cakes through the post in gratitude.

Q: I love / hate the podcast. I want to send you abuse / I have constructive criticism to make. How can I get in touch?
A: With ease. Simply email thecricketanddoctorwhopodcast at gmail dot com. Or pester / follow us on Facebook, @cricketdrwho if you prefer.